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Spring/Summer 2021

The Stories of Jesus

How His Parables Reveal the Kingdom

We have visited and revisited the person of Jesus and the focus on his way of life (aka “the kingdom of God”).  In this next series, we’ll explore the mastery of his storytelling - in his use of parables.  Parables were artistic illustrations that incorporated any image in close proximity to his audience. They communicate truths about God’s reality while revealing "the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven" (Mt 13:11).  They were meant to correct, enlighten, and bring color to the message of Jesus’ teaching.  Fair warning: they were not always plain to understand; his audience struggled to understand, and perhaps you and I will as well.  But as followers of Jesus, he desires that we understand! (Mt 13:16-17)  Join us as we listen closely to the Rabbi - and ask for the Spirit to illuminate our path toward deeper understanding.

Look for questions posted each week on Realm - or here on this Google Doc!  Note: STUDY GUIDES  are available each week after the sermon with the intention that individuals and groups can go deeper into the sermon and the passage.

6Spring/Summer Schedule
(subject to change)

Study questions are posted Sundays at 10:50am.   Get a bookmark to follow along! 

Sermon Date



Read Scripture


1 Sower & Seed Matt. 13:1-8, 18 -23
4/18 2 Tares & Dragnet Mt. 13:24-30, 47-50
4/25 3 Seed & Leaven Matthew 13:31-33
5/2 4 Treasure & Pearls Matthew 13:44-47
5/9 5 Unmerciful Servant Matthew 18:23-35
5/16 6 Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37
5/23 7 Unwilling Friend & Unjust Judge Luke 11:5-8; 1-8
5/30 8 Barns Luke 12:16-24
6/6 9 Big Dinner Luke 14:16-24
6/13 10 Lazarus & Rich Man Luke 16:19-31
6/20 11 Lost Things Luke 15:4-32
6/27 12 Pharisee & Tax Man Luke 18:10-14
7/4 13 Laborers Matthew 20:1-16
7/11 14 Wicked Servants Matthew 21:33-46
7/18 15 Son's Wedding Matthew 22:1-13
7/25 16 Ten Virgins Matthew 25:1-13 
8/1 17 Talents Matthew 25:14-30 
8/8 18 Sheep & Goats Matthew 25:31-46

Other suggested tools:   

Bible Study Tool (from Steve) | Study Worksheet

"How to Read the Parables of Jesus" - The Bible Project

From our Pastor for Smaller Communites:

We always encourage folks to gather in person or virtually to discuss the highlights of each week's sermon.  In this way, we intentionally go deeper - together and embrace a mindset that God's Word will be planted in us and nurtured to grow more.  If you are not discussing the sermon and its passage each week with others, then set aside time to explore the questions on your own! 

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