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Winter/Spring 2021


Listening to the Master on the Mount

Ascending a steep hill near the Sea of Galilee, Jesus saw crowds gather to hear his teaching and to be healed from their afflictions.  He then invited a select group of students - his disciples -  to draw near for a time of intimate learning.  What follows is an exposition on the very heart of God.  

We'll spend these 9 weeks going deeper into the Sermon on the Mount, paying close attention to Jesus' true invitation to walk in the way of love.   

For those looking for an extra and readable resource, we invite you to follow along in the series in Skye Jethani's What if Jesus Was Serious?  (Amazon link).   

Look for questions posted each week on Realm - or here on this page!

[STUDY GUIDES  are available each week after the sermon. Just click the date+passage on the schedule to the right/below.]

Winter/Spring Schedule
(subject to change)

Click the passage below for study questions! 
Available the week after each sermon

Sermon Date

Study Guide

Read Scripture


Who is Really Blessed? 

Matthew 5:1-12 


Christians and Culture  Matthew 5:13-20 


Inside-Out Righteousness   Matthew 5:21-37 


Love in Action  Matthew 5:38-48 


A Prayer for Losers  Matthew 6:1-18 


Freedom From Fear  Matthew 6:19-34 


Judging, Asking, Blessing  Matthew 7:1-12


Good Fruit & Bad Fruit  Matthew 7:13-23 


Be Smart  Matthew 7:24-29

Other suggested tools:   

Bible Study Tool (from Steve) | Study Worksheet

From our Pastor for Smaller Communites:

We always encourage folks to gather in person or virtually to discuss the highlights of each week's sermon.  In this way, we intentionally go deeper - together and embrace a mindset that God's Word will be planted in us and nurtured to grow more.  If you are not discussing the sermon and its passage each week with others, then set aside time to explore the questions on your own! 

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