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What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?
Your unique role

Whether you take the assessment or not, we believe every covenant partner at Westminster has a functional role in this community.  Consider how God has make you with your skills, passions, abilities, interests... and YES - your spiritual gifts!  

Together we can become a shining light in our homes, neighborhoods and community by living out our uniqueness.  

So... how should you get started? 

  1. Take the assessment
  2. Participate in worship services, combined Summer Sunday School, or your own small group
  3. Ask yourself, "where am I involved at Westminster?"   If you're answer is just attending, let us help you move beyond the pew and into joyful participation!  

I discovered my gifts. Now what?!

Taking your top 2-3 assessment answers, where might you become more involved?  But here's the caution: Follow your gifts and your passions.  Don't just dive into a project because it's your gift. By all means, dive into what brings (or could bring) your joy in your service.  

Use this list as a guide for your process.

Two other ideas

  1. use our "ministry opportunities" list and connect with each ministry team leader.
  2. View the Resources page and get more ideas and information about your gifts! 
Can I trust this?

Every gift assessment has its merits as well as its flaws.   Instead of thinking as the discovery tool as a definitive answer for your role, think of it more like a step in a direction.  You'll take your primary gifts and consider them in light of your passions, interests, and skills and as a result, you will discover your personal application in the life of the church community. 

    Gift Discovery
    We're here to help!

    Hey! I'm Justin and I'm excited to help you get more plugged into the community at Westminster or answer your questions!  
    Shoot me an email
    and we can chat!