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Elder Recommendations

From our Nominating Team (April 2024)

WPC Elder Class of 2028

The Elder Nominating Team asks you to prayerfully consider recommending covenant partners whom you feel would make good elders for our church. Elders will:

  • Provide spiritual and strategic leadership
  • Serve on the Session and on an assigned Commission
  • Pray for the church, fellow elders, and Covenant Partners
  • Bathe decisions regarding the church’s mission and ministry in prayer and God’s Word
  • Lead WPC into the fulfillment of God’s direction for WPC as expressed in its Mission Statement and Core Values 

According to Scripture, elders are to be the spiritual leaders of the church, praying for and with people, preaching and teaching the Word, shepherding the congregation in their walk with Christ, and making decisions important to the wellbeing of the congregation. 

On this recommendation sheet (PDF link), please list the names of Covenant Partners whom you feel would be good Elders as well as the qualities making them good shepherds for our church. Please return to Cathy Hyatt by email or mail to 309 Fernwood Drive, Spartanburg, SC 29307 by April 28, 2024.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.
The Nominating Team: 

Elise Mercer, Elder 2025, Chair
Frank Grimes, Elder 2026
Blair Kyle, Lay Member, 2025
Emily Lucas, Lay Member, 2026
Kristy Hammett, Lay Member, 2026
Andrew McCall, Lay Member, 2026
Chris McGarr, Elder 2027

Current list of elders »

Please use the form to offer names of individuals for the committee to consider.  This form may be dropped off at the church office or placed in the offering box each Sunday in the sanctuary foyer by April 28.  

2024 Online Form

2024 Printable Form (PDF)

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