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We offer 3 Sunday services with different elements to speak to your heart. 

8:00 AM  |  9:30 AM* |  11:00 AM*

* = live streaming ONLINE.

Wednesdays at WPC

Join us each Wednesday for...

beginning January 10, 2024 

 Family Meal  (5:30-6:10p)  Gym

 KidsInc.  (6:15-7:30p)  Sanctuary

 Adult Bible Study  (6:15-7:30p)  various rooms

 WyldLife   (6:30-7:15p)  Emory Road House

 Handbells  (6:30-7:15p)  Room 10

 Choir  (7:30-8:30p)  Room 5

If you're interested in starting a group, contact asap.

Pulled pork barbecue & buns
Calico Baked Beans
 Roasted Fuji Apples

๐Ÿ• Pizza available for children

Meal Information


To make a reservation for dinner please call the church kitchen at (864) 814-7562. Please leave your name and number that will be eating - including the number of children/child meals. Reservations will end at 8:00 PM Monday night before the dinner.  


Meals are $8 per adult (11 and up); $2 per child (10 and under). Family-max = $25.  Payment will be accepted only at the sign-in table (check/cash only).    

Westminster Presbyterian Church is a Christ-centered Bible-based Church,
seeking to glorify God in all that we do so that we may enjoy His presence now and forever.  

Therefore, we will LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS, and SERVE OTHERS
so that we may become a vibrant community reaching up and reaching out.

Access thousands of resources from
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Dig deeper in weekly sermons and Scriptures
with a group or on your own.

SERMON-bASED studies

Use "Realm" to connect with each other
and receive updates.

our facebook page youtubeinstagram

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