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New Member Classes

Are you interested in membership at
Westminster Presbyterian Church?

Or simply want to know more about us? 

Join us for our next New Member Class:

Our next classes:
(Option 1) Two Wednesdays:
May 22 + 29, 2024; 6-7:30 PM

(Option 2) One Saturday: June 1
9 AM - Noon

Join Day - June 2
We have a short meeting, then provide a celebratory meal to welcome new members! 

If you're interested in learning more or staying in the loop on the next class, email Justin » 

Our "Join Day" 

For those who complete the class and wish to join, we will offer a post-church meeting with our church leaders in order to receive you into church membership.  Following the meeting, we'll celebrate with lunch together!  

Not ready to "join"?  No problem!  

You're still invited to come and participate to learn more about who we are and what we believe.  In the meantime, please know that you do not have to be a church member in order to participate in community groups and events.  

You are most certainly WELCOME! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we discuss? 
Classes will include such topics as

  • Why join a church?
  • What do Presbyterians believe?
  • What does it mean to be a Covenant Partner in ECO? (and what is "ECO"?)
  • How to Love God, Love Others, and Serve Others at Westminster.

Do I have to attend all 3?  
Yes.  It is important to attend all three (3 hours) since we go through a "journey" of sorts together.  You'll hear our story - and we'll hear yours.  On our last class, our church's leaders (aka "the Session") will introduce themselves to you and will conclude our process by voting to receive you as a member (*you must be present).  

I'm a member of another church. Can I just transfer my membership?  
While that works for some churches, we believe in providing a personalized get-to-know-us course that also helps us get to know you.  So, in short, no.  We do not transfer memberships. We will (by your permission and request) notify your previous church of your new membership at WPC.    

What is a "Covenant Partner"? And is that different than being a "Member"?  
In our Presbyterian denomination, we refer to church members as "covenant partners".  We do this out of a belief that partnerships are more relational, and in this special relationship, we have a commitment to one another (i.e. "covenant").  However, don't be surprised if we use both terms "members" and "covenant partners" interchangeably since we are quite used to both!     

Why do I rsvp?    
We want to get to know you in these few weeks and let you get to know us. Your rsvp lets us prepare a guidebook for you/your family and communicate with you if there is anything special to know before/while attending. To register for this class or to receive more information, RSVP (use the link at the top of the page) or contact Justin Lewis.   

What about my kids?  Can they join?
Joining as a family can be a wonderful experience - and we encourage that! We would prefer to discuss your own situation personally and see what works best for you.  Generally, we ask that children 12 and younger wait to join and participate in a special weekly class in January, aka the "Youth Covenant Partner Class."  This class is aimed at 6th-graders and older and ends with the class joining in February (optional).  Optionally, older children (13+) can participate in the New Member Class with their parents.  As with all joining decisions, we want your child to make the decision to become a covenant partner for himself/herself.  Again, we are happy to discuss that with you since what works for some families might not work for yours.  

Can I speak with a pastor?  
YES! Our pastors are excited to walk with you through this process.  While you are welcome to communicate with any of our pastors, Justin Lewis, our Associate Pastor for Smaller Communities, will be teaching the class. You can email him at  

What if I have significant disagreements with WPC's beliefs or teachings?  
It's important to us that you feel like you're able to commit to our community. Like a family, there will be disagreements - on mostly small matters. However, theological or doctrinal disagreements might warrant some further conversation and discernment since those things tend to be "non-negotiable" on both sides.  Don't worry, we won't rush you to make a decision. And we won't make you feel bad if you decide membership isn't right for you.  Let's talk - and we'll see where to go from there.  

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