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August 2021 — August 2022

The Journey

A year in the grand STORY of God

Everyone engaging Jesus through his Word. 

Through our Sunday teaching series, in groups, OR on your own, we're going on a journey through Scripture.  Our goal is that every member of our community join us on at least one of these three levels! (see below)  

  • Each week's Sunday message will walk us from Genesis to Revelation, and the major highlights of 66 amazing books
  • We are encouraging everyone to read through the entire Bible over 52 weeks using a weekly reading schedule
  • Finally, we've partnered with Bible Journey — a program through Gordon-Conwell Seminary's professors — to bring depth and context to the entire Bible.  

No matter which level you choose, we trust that this year will bring us closer as a church family and closer to the heart of God!

The Journey - TRIMESTER #3
Study questions are posted Sundays at 8:50 AM.  Printable sermon list here »

Sermon Date Wk# THEME/PASSAGE BibleJourney Lesson*
*For those enrolled in the Bible Journey program; these lessons are merely suggestions to coincide with the weekly sermon and get the most out of each week's study.  These lessons will ONLY be available to those who subscribed to the Bible Journey program.  

C=Course; L=Lesson 

5/1 31 Galatians 5:19-25 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 2, Lesson 3
5/8 32 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 3, Lesson 2
5/15 33 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 4, Lesson 2
5/22 34 2 Corinthians 5:11-21 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 4, Lesson 3
5/29 35 Romans 8:1-11 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 5, Lesson 1
6/5 36 Romans 12:1-21 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 4, Lesson 4
6/12 37 Ephesians 3:14-21   Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 6, Lesson 2
6/19 38  Philippians 2:1-11 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 7, Lesson 2
6/26 39  1 Timothy 4:6-16 Acts/Epistles (Study 5): Course 8, Lesson 1
7/3 40  Hebrews 12:1-17 Gen Epistles/Rev (Study 6): Course 1, Lesson 4
7/10 41  James 1:2-18 Gen Epistles/Rev (Study 6): Course 2, Lesson 2
7/17 42 2 Peter 1:2-11 Gen Epistles/Rev (Study 6): Course 3, Lesson 3
7/24 43 1 John 4:7-21 Gen Epistles/Rev (Study 6): Course 2, Lesson 3
7/31 44 Jude 17-25 Gen Epistles/Rev (Study 6): Course 3, Lesson 4
8/7 45 Revelation 21:1-8 Gen Epistles/Rev (Study 6): Course 4, Lesson 3

Read through the Bible in a Year

  • Follow the devotional guide for daily reading — to read through the Bible in a year!
  • 5 days a week in Old and New Testaments (with weekend days to catch up if needed)
  • As you proceed, you are encouraged to share insights and what you're learning in groups. 
  • Add the readings to your calendar (ICS file)! 

Printable Reading Plan:
5 days a week in OT and  NT

More on Bible Journey...


  1. Register for an access code on Realm ($40/single-user or $60/family access) Scholarships are available!
  2. Click the code in the confirmation message to register for your access at 
     -  Note that the Bible Journey website will ask for a credit card, but you’ll see that the discount code will already be applied. 
     -  Also, if you pay on Realm for family access, each user will need to register on separately.
  3. Log in to to dive in!     

Consider a group-based study using Bible Journey.  

  • Either recruit some folks to join you for a study - or join one of our midweek groups!  
  • Technically - only one person in the group needs an account if you're all doing it together. 
  • Consider looking at each course as a 5-week series based on whichever course you take  (See the list of 45 courses here.)
  • Follow the devotional guide for daily reading — to read through the Bible in a year!  Share your progress with others along the way.  

Other suggested tools:   

Bible Study Tool (from Steve) | Study Worksheet

From our Pastor for Smaller Communites:

We always encourage folks to gather in person or virtually to discuss the highlights of each week's sermon.  In this way, we intentionally go deeper - together and embrace a mindset that God's Word will be planted in us and nurtured to grow more.  If you are not discussing the sermon and its passage each week with others, then set aside time to explore the questions on your own! 

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