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The Cross and The Light

The faceted glass windows in our Sanctuary were designed by the Willet Stained Glass Studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Theme is a combination of The Cross and The Light. Christ is the center of our faith and on the Cross. He was crucified for the sins of mankind, and it is through Him that we receive our salvation. Light surrounds the Cross because of many scriptural references, because light is associated with knowledge and understanding, and because the Church is a place for the illumination of the Christian life and Christ's teachings.

Note three lancets of the windows which represent the Trinity. Each member of the Trinity is in touch with the world, shown as buildings, factories, and homes at the base of the three lancets.

God the Father (left lancet) - Creator of the Universe, who saw that the light was good. Note God's hand as it reveals the sun, moon, and stars. Birds are seen above the mountains and fish in the sea.

God the Son (center lancet) - Savior of the world, is symbolized by the Cross and overlaps all three lancets. The Cross is surrounded by the sunburst of light. The Cross towers over the cities and represents the Mediator, the great High Priest, who links Heaven and earth, God and man.

God the Spirit (right lancet) - God with us and within us, the Holy Spirit is symbolized by the descending dove. The seven flames of light represent the seven gifts to which Christ the Redeemer is entitled -- these are Praise, Glory, Wisdom, Thanksgiving, Honor, Power, and Strength (Revelation 7.11).

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