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Wednesday, June 16 2021

“If you continue in My Word, then you are truly My disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

- Jesus, John 8:31-32

Who or what do you assume to be true? The original “Bad News Bears” movie introduced me to the danger of making assumptions – what happens to “u” and “me” when we assume. It’s funny in a movie, not so much in real life.  If we operate on false assumptions and with misguided beliefs we will trust in things that are not true. Ultimately this takes away our freedom, makes us vulnerable and risks hurting others.

Soon after Jesus so kindly and courageously defended the woman caught in adultery, the religious leaders assault Him with challenging words and questions. Jesus tells those who trust in Him that if they listen to and practice His Word then they will know the truth and the truth will set them free. We learn here that spiritual growth, maturity, and true freedom prove to be the direct result of knowing and practicing the teachings (Word) of Jesus.

Jesus’ words both reflect and fulfill the teaching of the rest of what we call the Bible. The Scriptures of the Old Testament point forward to Jesus and the New Testament points back to Him. Jesus quoted the Old and the New quotes Jesus. Thus, spiritual maturity, growth and freedom follow our knowledge and practice of the Word.   

Starting in the Fall of 2021, Westminster will embark on a Journey through the Christian Bible - the most printed, most sold, most censored, most impactful, and often most misunderstood (if not misused) book in the world. Our goal is to encourage and equip one another to engage with Jesus through Scripture in a life-transforming way.

We invite you to join us on this Journey along several different tracks:

  1. Sunday Sermons will lead us through the Grand Story of Scripture. 
  2. A reading plan to read through the Bible in a year. 
  3. Sermon-based small groups and small group bible studies.
  4. Bible Journey – year-long interactive, internet-based, self-paced and high-quality curriculum for individuals, families, or groups interested in a deeper dive into the Word. This would involve a little over an hour a
  5. week. (If you are interested, please contact Justin Lewis.)

These different tracks are not mutually exclusive and will travel at different paces. We hope you will make weekly worship a priority in your life but also add these other spiritual practices to enhance your spiritual growth personally and our spiritual growth as a community of faith.

Please prayerfully consider the journey you will take with us this coming year. As you do, imagine the difference a deeper understanding of God and His Word would make in your life, the life of your family, our community of faith, and our world.

Your friend,

Steve Wise

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