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- An  intro from Steve -

What can we do when just picking up the phone can be an adventure? We could be about to receive really good news or really bad news? It makes me feel desperate for good news and fearful of bad news. Don’t we wish there was news that made even our bad news somehow good? Wouldn’t that be the best news?

Mark (the 2nd book of the New Testament) begins with these words: “This is the beginning of the best news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (my translation). That statement was subversive and sensational then; it is subversive and sensational now. The Gospel of Jesus Christ challenges every other “good news” the world announces and offers more than the “good news” of the world.

We will spend this winter leading up to Easter studying this Best News and learning what it means to follow Him. I hope you will join us! 

Look for questions posted each week on Realm - or here on this page!

We encourage you to watch/read The Bible Project’s summary of I Peter and II Peter at

STUDY GUIDES  are available!  Just click the date+passage on the schedule to the right/below.

WINTER & SPRING 2020  Schedule
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